CYAN and other stories

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alina cvetkova

An unusual transformation on the square, jumping to conclusions, the awkward experience of immigration, traffic accidents and why breakfast is so important: thirteen stories about human nature, all based on or connected with Barcelona.

"CYAN and other stories" is the first story collection book by a Latvian-born Alina Cvetkova.

Sample page

Alina's stories are like a sado experience: pain and pleasure at the same time. Result? Hit me more, mistress. - VANITY DUST
A quirky collection of stories pared down to the bone, full of surprises and ouch! moments. Alina has a distinctive voice that is wistful, cruel, funny and wry. - VALERIE COLLINS
I liked the format, very brief, something you can digest in one go. The stories seemed like capsules of “ordinary madness”, stories of contemporary and urban surrealism with an autobiographical touch. The type of writing which seemed to be influenced by the writing on the Internet.. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. A sincere style, which seeks for the bottom of the things, funny, ironic, melancholic, simple, energetic and sharp, somewhat reminded me the style of Grace Paley. - FEDERICA MATELLI, a friend


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